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DS/DT! AP Toy March OP in navy!

Beloved Blogs <3

Hi at all :3

I wanted to introduce my favorite blogs <3

1. http://tanantii.tumblr.com/page/

I love love love her blog so much! Kittys Q///Q Very cute Lolitas and nice fashion :D I must at least once a day on their blog. Day after daynew pictures ^^
It's so funny!
Please don't stop to post! xD

2. http://chibi-momoko.tumblr.com/page/

It's a blog of a german lolita. There are always new about lolita and other cute stuff! Just posted not every day Q__Q

3. http://lolitawonderland.tumblr.com/

This blog is a newiest blog for me xD  I can't  say much about it, but it looks very cute ^^